My Journey – Daron K. Roberts

My Journey

i have a history of waging war against the status quo

I was 5’10”, 162 lbs in the 11th grade –  undersized for football. Then I became 1st-Team All District Strong Safety. I went from Mt. Pleasant, TX – a town of 12,291 people – to the University of Texas. At the time, UT was the largest student body in the country with  50,000+ students.

“Where’s that?”, my classmates would ask. Then I became Student Body President.

I applied to Harvard Law School and was waitlisted. Damnit.
Then, I applied again – waitlisted.
Let me try this one more time… waitlisted.
C’mon, this has to be my turn – waitlisted.
The fourth time was my charm


After I decided I wanted to coach football instead of practicing law, I wrote letters to every NFL team looking for an internship. 31 said no. 1 said yes and I was off to Kansas City, MO. I parlayed that internship into a full-time gig and coached for the Chiefs, Detroit Lions, West Virginia Mountaineers and Cleveland Browns.

I could have given up when Coach told me I was too small; when my classmates told me not enough people knew me; when Harvard waitlisted me; when I began to receive rejection letters from NFL teams. But I Stayed In The Deep End

I may not know you personally, but I know – for a fact – that you are capable of getting what you want out of life if you Jump In The Deep End. You’re going to be scared. It’s going to get lonely. You’re going to shovel shit. I know these feelings all too well. My daily life as an intern with the Chiefs looked like this:
  • Shovel shit for 6 months
  • Pick up BBQ for coaches
  • Take inventory of PopTarts and peanut butter in cafeteria
  • Run personal errands for boss
  • Take player to the airport
  • Help janitor pick up trash
Sound fun? Nope. But did it launch my professional coaching career? Yes.

If you’re willing to dive into the murky waters of your goals, then I can’t wait to see you at the bottom.

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